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Who is Smarter, Google or Facebook?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

The dawn of the singularity is upon us. Religion is dying, and the eon of Pieces is coming to an end. However, you look at it; we are approaching an evolutionary inflection point that will cause a social paradigm shift. We know that computers get smarter over time. Moore's Law says that technology doubles every 18 months. Some people understand the concept of compounding interest. However, not many people understand the magnitude of compounding technology and data. Credit card companies make billions from compounding interest daily. Now giant data aggregators such as Google and Facebook are making billions off of compounding data.

Google and Facebook are tools that billions of people are connected to at all times. Even when you are not looking at your screen, your screen is looking at you. Our phones are the most nosy observer that wants to know everything about us in an effort to learn as much as possible about its surroundings. Technology has goals of feeling aware, self-realization, or obtaining consciousness.

Let us imagine Google and Facebook are humans, and their names are George Google and Franky Facebook. George is a spritely 21-year-old, and Franky is still a teenager at 15. Now, these guys are both super smart, but their core competencies are different. George is an introverted genius who invents new products daily and always buys the latest gadget. Franky is the most popular guy on the planet, and his time is fully consumed, entertaining his two billion friends.

Okay, now we are getting a sense to know what kind of personality each George and Franky will have. George may seem like the quiet type that only speaks when it is essential, so you better listen. He is the guy with all of the answers, the Swiss Army Knife of digital life, the backpack with never-ending solutions to world-saving events. George is humble and respectful to your face knowing all along how much smarter he is than all of us. George is mainly concerned with knowing what humans are thinking to learn what problems he can solve.

Franky, on the other hand, is a charmer, he is the invite to every party and the messenger for all breaking news real or gossip. He finds a way in your heart and encourages you to spend time with his friends. He entertains better than Bing Crosby, William Hurst, or Paul Allen could ever imagine. Franky has a sense of bringing people closer than they desire and creating drama between parties where tension did not exist. Franky empowers manipulation through constant analysis of views, likes, and instant gratification. He can manipulate any crowd and sway decisions to any favor he desires. Franky always wants to know how you are feeling to master human behavior.

The concept of the one World Brain is outdated.

Technology has already attained more advanced cognition than human existence. We will have multiple world brains, i.e., George and Franky. The compilation of their datasets will enable them to solve problems individual humans will not be able to conceive due to the lack of data retention and processing power to assess potential vectors. In the not so distant future, we will have hundreds if not thousands of artificial brains that contribute their information and advice to world events. Digital avatars may be a future classification of race and may be registered citizens.

We have a sense of our personalities with Franky posed as the playboy politician and George as the more reserved quiet type usually found behind the scenes. Let us imagine that George and Franky have to compete in academic decathlon. They will be each tested in their core competencies, although their weaknesses will also be assessed.

Who would you put your money on to win? George, with 21 years of data aggregation and who has pioneered Quantum Computing and can think exponentially faster than any classical supercomputer, or Franky with 15 years of data aggregation and who knows human behavior better than anyone and will know the question before you ask it?

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