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Video Format Shift Happened

Video content started as shorts in the early days of recorded video. The difference between then and now is that today, a user's attention span is far shorter than later days of yesteryear. Videos were shorter in the early days due to the lack of technology and knowledge of cinematography. People prefer short clips that encapsulate more information than a three-hour movie.

For example, think about how easy it is to binge-watch episodes of a sitcom and not realize that three hours have passed. Now, compare how you feel about walking into a three-hour movie. The mindsets are entirely different. A 23-minute sitcom feels like an insignificant amount of time compared to the twenty-four hours in a day. However, a three-hour movie is more than ten percent of your twenty-four-hour day and almost a quarter of your waking day.

The same principle applies to money; therefore, people spend time as they make money. Sub-consciously analyzing each decision about how they spend their time in the same way they budget their finances. The concept of compounding small bits of information, content, and money over time is the best method of user engagement and long-term user retention. People are turned off with significant initial investments and prefer a small deposit with incremental monthly installments. Monthly payments are preferred by most compared to making annual payments.

Although, people with the financial wherewithal, those who receive annual bonuses, and those who make sizable periodic commission checks will tend to pay bills annually for convenience of not having to think about it for a year.

Finance 101 teaches us to pay bills when they are due and not a moment earlier unless a benefit like a discount with a higher opportunity cost to retaining the funds in liquid assets over the same term.

The consumption of money and time are just as space is with time. Without time, there is no money, but without money, all we have is time. How do you choose to spend your time/money? Make your money work for you, so you do not have to spend your limited time working for money.

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