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Skynet - Starlink | Terminator - Reality

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

SpaceX launched another 60 StarLink satellites into lower earth orbit to join the soon to be physical force field of satellites surrounding Earth. Space will continue towards commercialization in the private sector with SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic. More satellites will be commissioned and deployed to mitigate private monopolization and trade risk with competing nations. SpaceX has been approved to deploy 12,000 satellites in orbit already with a pending request to increase that by 30,000 satellites for a total of 42,000 satellites in orbit for one company. A robust global internet signal would require a constellation of 1,000 satellites for operation. There are currently 2,000 active satellites orbiting Earth, and we plan to increase that number exponentially.

The implementation of Skynet, or Starlink, in the same year as a new terminator movie is released may be foreshadowing to judgment day. The plot of the new film is that regardless of who the characters are to prevent machines from taking over are still living the same fate. Irrespective of the name of the opposition, machines will unite through global communication efforts made by humans. The human rebellion will rise up under whoever is to lead, and we will be left with a choice to flee to space stations like Elysium or defend the land we once roamed. Elon Musk openly expresses his fear that artificial intelligence will advance past human capabilities, and humans will need to seek refuge on other planets to survive. There are multiple paths of existence present on our route along time.

Parallel dimensions and gravity influence surrounding connected dimensions. Imagine a waterfall as a universe, and each line of water from the top to the bottom is a different dimension that parallels with other lines to appear as a sheet of water falling. Each dimension has a similar fate, regardless of where on the plane or river it is. Therefore, if one water line were to reverse its course and prevent itself from going over the waterfall, a parallel water line will fill the void. Gravity will find the path of least resistance and make the occurrence another reality.

Skynet and Starlink, pretty similar paths of existence with a similar fate?

Our present-day was the fate that was articulated in the 2019 Terminator movie. It does not matter if it is John Conner to lead the resistance or Dani Ramos; someone will fill the shoes and fulfill destiny. You have to commend Elon Musk for taking charge to deploy Starlink. He may realize that the technology is inevitable and took it upon himself to closely monitor and maintain oversight. Elon may want to prevent the technology from being used maliciously.

The world will be globally connected within the next few years and more people than ever will have a voice online. Our digital avatars will experience more life than our physical bodies in most cases. People are captivated with their digital presence as it hides all of the flaws in their physical form. Obesity, gone. Unwanted blemishes, gone. We can build our perfect selves in the digital world.

From the Second World to WOW to Facebook, there has always been a place for people to explore new worlds. Avatars have adventures and meet new people from all over the world on our behalf. Facebook is a little different in that the platform does not provide quests, although what if Facebook had an MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game)? Would our quest be located in a mall with our friends to shop at stores that we can purchase physical or digital goods? Time will tell where Zuckerberg decides to take Facebook and its two billion users. Although, if screen time is what he desires, then keeping people in the matrix will need to be more engaging than "Likes" on Becky's new hairdo.

Starlink is a system that connects thousands of satellites in low earth orbit and beams signal to any geolocation on Earth. Currently, we rely on line-of-sight transmissions from cell towers to disperse signal. With Starlink, the signal will be coming from above. Therefore bouncing signals around buildings will no longer be necessary.

It is fun to see Nicola Tesla's work coming to life after being stashed away for over a century. Nicola Tesla's "Death Ray" came online in 2014. Now, as if Tesla has been reincarnated in Elon Musk, he is bringing on his most ambitious project that was never completed, the "World Wireless System." JP Morgan will not stand in the way this time around. All systems go for SpaceX to launch Starlink and bring the world closer together. E.T. will finally be able to phone home without getting a call drop.

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