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How to Eat Healthy Under $10 a Meal in Less than 30 mins

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

It is so hard to eat out for $10 anymore. It seems that the cost to eat at restaurants has gone up so much that, "going out" is now a weekly treat. Spending $10 at a sit-down restaurant will buy you a couple of sodas or a beer at happy hour. Even fast food is getting a bit much for what they serve. If we cannot afford to eat out every day and we do not have the time to cook an elaborate meal, what do we do?

This free guide will show you how to do:

- Combine only a few ingredients, which are less than $10 total

- Prepare and cook an entire healthy meal in under 30 minutes

- Introduce you to the last kitchen appliance you will ever need

Keep it simple, quick and easy. The best chefs in the world only use a few ingredients at most per dish.

I was a skeptic of this when I first learned about it. My mom won a NuWave on a TV game show and gave it to me because she had no idea what to do with it. Honestly, it sat in my garage for more than a year. I moved homes and decided to give the NuWave a chance finally and put it on the kitchen counter.

OMG! My mind was blown. I was pissed that I left it in the garage for so long. The NuWave is how The Jetson's cook their meals in the future. You push a button, and in 10 minutes, pops out a perfectly cooked healthy meal for under $10. The NuWave has not moved from its permanent location on the kitchen counter since.

The only thing I do not cook in the NuWave is soup, although I am sure there is a way. Meat, forget about it. This thing cooks meat better than your father-in-law or uncle could ever imagine. It makes the most tender and juicy meat that you would have to pay $30-40 per plate at a restaurant.

Click below to get your Free guide to Eating Healthy for Under $10 in Less than 30 Minutes and receive a coupon for your NuWave today.

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