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How to Cook in a Tiny Space without Sacrificing Quality or Taste

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

You do not need a large kitchen with all the fancy appliances to cook quality, tasty meals. We live off-grid in a converted school bus and cook gourmet quality meals on the daily. Limited space is not an excuse to stay inside the microwave. Think out of the box and stop buying frozen food. Do your future self a favor and prepare at least one meal per week. It may sound more daunting than putting food in an appliance and pressing a button, BUT it is not. Our techniques use similar skills required to put frozen food in a microwave and press a button. We show you how to buy food, prepare it, and make quality tasty meals by placing it on the rack and pressing the Start button.

Ditch the Microwave and join the future in the NuWave

Your slicing and dicing skills will advance over time, so do not worry about different size vegetables at first, watch your fingers. No need to worry about burning the food or under-cooking protein; our techniques offer a hands-off approach to the cooking part. All we are concerned about is cutting vegetables to our desired size and seasoning as you like. We take the pressure of cooking out of the equation and allow you to concentrate on positivity in your life.

We are now 20 years into the new millennium; although we may not have flying cars, we have more advanced ways of cooking food than ever before. Infrared technology has been around for a while; however, it was only recently discovered that it could be used for cooking food at a consistent temperature. Infrared emits a low wavelength beam of light that penetrates deep through the food and cooks evenly throughout.

The difference between microwaves and infrared grills like the NuWave, are present in the quality of the food after it comes out of each machine. Food that has been microwaved looks deflated and dull, and food out of a NuWave looks vibrant and full of nutrients.

We have not used a microwave in our home for more than seven years. What about leftovers? Still not needed when you have a NuWave. There is a Reheat feature on the NuWave that revitalizes food to its original serving state.

Living in a bus with minimal space to cook, the NuWave is the only appliance that we use instead of a microwave, oven, grill, toaster, and BBQ. NuWave is all those appliances in one and uses automation to make sure your food is cooked to perfection. Perfect for the individual or family on the go. Most meals cook within 15 minutes! For real, like pounds of meat in 15 minutes with no fuss.

If you are a busy person, we recommend reading our free meal prep guide to organize your week and make sure you have a fresh hot meal after each long hard day. If you are ready to get started in simplifying your life, saving time and money, please click the clearance banner below to save on your own NuWave Grill & Oven. Also, check out our guide and recipe to Eating Under $10 in 30 Minutes or Less.

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