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5G, What it Means for Me

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

What is 5G, and what does it mean to me? 5G is the 5th generation of the internet. It provides a more effective beam of digital transmission from one location to another more securely than current capabilities. 5G operates on a plane that is far more advanced than humans can process or react. Humans are much slower than computers at thinking, synthesizing data, and communicating results. If computers can communicate more effectively with 5G, then it should be more comfortable for humans to be able to communicate with other connected devices.

- 5G ushers in the real potential of the Internet of Things and how we interact with machines.

- 5G will provide machines with secure constant contact to enable communication with zero latency.

- 5G will untether machines of wires and give them access to their geolocation. The first step to making Pinocchio, a real boy, was to establish electrical cognition, which has been accomplished with Artificial Intelligence. The second step is to cut the strings and let him walk around on his own for a bit.

- 5G allows robots to cut the wires and walk around and interact with each other.

- 5G transmits data through a wavelength exponentially smaller than 4G.

These smaller wavelengths of radiation cut through our DNA, causing cancer at an alarming rate. Test environments of 5G were rolled out only to be extracted and banned from those areas. It was reported that birds were falling dead out of the sky when the 5G signal was being broadcasted. Is streaming your favorite soap opera more critical than living past 55? We will not know the real effects of 5G until after it has been deployed and too late to retract. The one positive thing we know is that machines will be able to communicate more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

With 5G, doctors will be able to perform surgery on a patient in another country. There will be many advancements made for humans as computers and machines become more autonomous and communicative among themselves. The connection speed of 5G will finally make it possible not to see the loading sign when connecting to the internet. The draw of public support will come from being able to stream your favorite show with zero interruptions or spinning wheels and be able to perform surgery remotely.

Communication of 30 billion machines talking to each other is the current industry roll-out. The primary goal of Qualcomm, Verizon, and IBM are creating a secure method for a computer to computer communication. Machines need to better communicate with each other to permit new technology in self-driving cars, adaptability to environments, and reaction to human interaction.

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